The power to change- A simple journey of self love & weight loss

​From Can't To Can!

Jack KornfieldAuthor

“The knowledge of the past stays with us. To let go is to release the images of emotions, the grudges and fears, the clinging’s and disappointments of the past that bind our spirits”

Having taken my own inner self healing journey has been incredible to the eye opening realisations and aha moments that I have had.

Realising I didn't love myself inside- not really, was a crushing blow, but one that propelled a huge leap in change.

Once I cleared the blockages and cleared the layers that contributed to this lack of self love- the abuse I had encountered, my earliest memories being beaten as a child, the cruel and nasty comments I received from those around me, along with my own cruel and nasty words and actions, despising my body for letting me down through my endometriosis, being told I could not have children and then the severe pain of losing my baby; I blamed my body. Everything in my life- I felt was a clear reflection of “It always happens to me”, “I’m not worth it”, “It’s all my fault”, “I will always be a nothing”.- My own negative self talk, inner beliefs and programming.

​Of course, these were not words that I consciously recognised as being something that I was carrying, they took some digging before they materialised, but they were there- big, bright and colourful- the writing on my wall that was the underpinnings of all my self-worth and beliefs. Once these were removed not only did myself love grow in massive waves, but the weight also started falling off too, I started dressing better, taking better care of myself- all the results of changing my internal environment from that of negativity, darkness and gloom to praise, love, acceptance and happiness. 

Do you think a flower will bloom in a dark and negative unloved environment?​

Our experiences, beliefs, patterns, emotions, bereavements, negative self image and beliefs- the way in which we talk about and to ourselves and think of ourselves can have us locking in these negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs  into our cells and energy bodies. Yet- because our bodies are these wonderful mechanisms that only want to protect us from emotional pain we feel from certain situations- it actually accumulates the weight as a safety mechanism- to protect us. That is- until the ‘emotional charge’, the reason behind the reaction is removed.

Even the slightest, smallest comment about our weight, appearance or us as a person can have a significant impact on the way in which we see and feel about ourselves, including our weight decades later. This is predominantly seen in young female adolescents when dealing with their own hormones and their ever developing and changing body and the words that people use around them- their teachers, loved ones and peers.

​Do you feel like you deserve the good things in life?..... Really??

​When you have a negative thought about yourself, your body- this produces an emotion- this emotion then produces a stress response in your body. Once this negative emotion is removed, the stress response disappears as we create a positive one that feels true and helps you to love yourself- creating a momentum of positive emotions and vibrations within your body- cells, neurons and energy body, this in turn starts the healing process and weight loss effect.

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and said that you hate yourself? How about you love yourself?- Try it, feel the difference the two feel.​

​Do you know? Whilst you are holding onto these negative emotions within you, the vibration you are sending out of negativity, self-hate and lack of self-esteem is unconsciously attracting more back into your energy and validating these negative feelings that we have. So, I ask you- would it not be easier to transform these emotions- giving ourselves permission to let go and love ourselves, to feel about ourselves and lose weight. Very often by keeping this bodily weight - focusing on this weight which often over takes pretty much all else- we are doing just what we need to do to not face the emotions and past experiences, and pain that we have buried. It’s simply protecting us and keeping us from dealing with the real emotions that need to be dealt with to release the perpetual patterns and negative spirals of self-hate and weight control.

​Surely, if we can heal our bodies with our minds which has been proven scientifically- and we were evolved with the know how to heal from within- which is still being used in many native cultures- then surely we can heal the emotions that are causing us pain and release the stress that is keeping us stuck in our weight! Seems far more logical and easier than yoyo diets. It’s a known fact that when you feel good, everything around you becomes good. You start making better decisions, healthier food choices, have more energy and self-esteem, the relationships around you become much more fulfilling- this is a reflection of what is happening within you that produces the change in the external environment.

By giving way to loving yourself, giving your body love and trust gives way to a natural weight loss.

Jessica Ortner- Tapping Solutions                 

“Blaming the body is like blaming the car that won’t run when in fact we never bothered to give it the proper fuel and loving maintenance”

We have the power to change- we evolved with the know-how. Through the pioneering work of Bruce Lipton’s research in stem cell research and cell biology, we have learnt that we can change how our cells develop and function by changing our beliefs, stress levels and nutrition. We are nothing but a mere product of our own thoughts!

There is more and more proof in main stream news coming through everyday from science of the powering positive influence people everywhere are having on their own health, reversing disease and degenerative conditions purely by the way that they speak to themselves. Scientists are realising that DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies.

Our own negative self talk is being listened to and soaked up 27/4 by our cells- these wonderful trillions of amazingness that are throughout our body and are constantly soaking up the information and packing them away- from our emotions, thoughts, experiences, beliefs and patterns- nothing is ever given up​, until you tell them to let them go!

However- the negativity is not the only thing that they are soaking up- they also act like a sponge to ​love, joy, positivity in all forms, happy encouraging words, thoughts and acts. 

"Once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy. The body needs not to be forced, it can be persuaded. One need not fight with the body- thats ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. Sp you need not be in any conflict- let comfort be the rule"

Osho- Leader​

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Is your body living in an internal environment that is supportive, loving and nurturing? Or is one that is full of self-hatred, anger, negativity, fear and denial? Please, do not see this as a moment to spiral into a barrage of more negative self talk- just accept that this is the way in which it has been, and now embrace the tools that we have to clear, transform and bring about positive change on a cellular, neurological, and energetic level. Now think- what if the journey to having a healthy and strong body could be fun and pleasurable? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Now- remember!!

There is only ever going to be one you- there will never be a duplicate of you, You are absolutely fabulous, you are beautiful both inside and outside- today is the day to stop and start living the wonderfully amazing life that is intended for you- so go, do it- right now!

Some great affirmations- which you don't even have to believe to work!!​

  • I am so grateful and thankful for how healthy my body is and supports me​
  • ​I am so grateful for being me, I really truly love me
  • I love how easy it is for me to loose weight
  • I am such a wonderful person
  • You don't even have to believe in these words- but your brain can not hold two thoughts at once- so whilst you are praising your body, your cells, neurons and energy body are taking it all in- self healing. Soaking up the positivity and love!

    Always ask-

    "Would I speak to my child or friend the way I speak to me?"​

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award-winning transformational mentor & coach, a master healer, author, speaker & mum of 4 beautiful little people. She is the creator of the Universal Alignment Method & Infinity Flow Programme. Jeani has worked with 1000's of women globally to step up into their own successful leadership roles in helping to empower the lives of others through their own transformation and success stories.

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