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"I can highly Recommend working with Jeani Howard she is truly amazing & authentic and helped me Shift the FEAR I had in relation to my 2 birthing experience! I now live in a place of happiness, life is just soooo good right now :)". 


Hi Jeani, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help while I was pregnant with my baby. Afte​r I met with you i had such a sense of calm that I didn’t have before and knew everything was going to be ok and work out how it need​ed to and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.
I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and what you did for me. I hope your enjoying the summer holiday before the children return to school. Thank you again!


"I feel like me- only a better version, thank you Jeani"


Testimonial Of Fibromyalgia

When Louise came to us, she was housebound and unable to many of life's things that we all take for granted. Luise was living on a cocktail of 18 pills per day. She came to us and completed our 7 week intensive with phenomenal results. Completely off of all medication and living a life of normality, she went on to have a baby and work full time and is still 2 years later free from symptoms and medication. We were lucky enough that Louise gave us a before treatment and after treatment account.

Before Treatment With OUr 7 Week Intensive Program:

I have been living with all of these things for long, they feel like the norm -

- cramp in sides, hands, feet, tummy and bum
- fuzzy head, can’t process anything i.e. Speaking, reading listening,
- dizziness
- painful eyes
- neck ache  
- clicks clicky collarbone
- gristly knees
- can’t sleep but always exhausted
- tense arms, wrists palms of hands hurt  
- fingers weak with buttons
- fever aches
- walking differently
- back pains upper & lower
- Anxiety
- Cold
- jaw feels strained
- patchy skin
- feeling sick
- Morning and night time stiffness
- get stuck in bed
- Shaky, wobbly
- Falling over
- Deep sighs
- incontinence
- Spots
- Brittle
- nails
- Itching
- Memory/attention/speech
- Sore throat
- Feel like I'm a washing machine on full spin cycle shaking inside
- So very tired

After Treatment With Our 7 Week Intensive Program:


It's given me my life back, AND SOME! I can cuddle Marie without squealing in pain, I can drive confidently, I can stand up long enough to cook dinners rather than ready meals, I can type properly again! I don't get fused stuck in bed when I wake up and want to roll over! 
I can walk with a sexy strut again rather than be on edge that my legs might give way and I'll fall over! I can get dressed and undressed again by myself. I can shave my legs again so many little things in life I took for granted! 
Walking the dogs and not having to spend the rest of the day in bed from exhaustion and pain! And being aware of releasing has been such an amazing benefit to us all. You're my hero J




Jean Howard has been an absolute pivotal point in my recovery from Fibromyalgia, PTSD and Depression. Her kindness, understanding and patience has encouraged me to change my life for the better.
Her openness about her own struggles, influenced and inspired me to push through my own difficult and painful memories, helping me find my own strength and determination to do the work on myself to love myself and my life again.
She has to be the most wonderfully, inspiring and inspirational person I have ever met. Her patient, kind and caring nature combined with her enthusiasm and zest for life has urged me forward right from the beginning of my journey, and her support has meant so much ever since. I cannot thank her enough.

Click below to hear about Mel's journey on our 6 week programme.
Testimonial From Mel - A Infinity Flow Student.

"Jeani Howard. I am so lucky to have shared in this programme. You are truly an inspiration. I have seen how far you have come and am so so proud of you. These images provide a visual statement of how you have made me feel about me. I will be forever grateful to you. I take no credit for the photos and thank the original photographers for sharing them. Love light peace and joy to all 💞💞💫💫🌞🌞

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award-winning transformational mentor & coach, a master healer, author, speaker & mum of 4 beautiful little people. She is the creator of the Universal Alignment Method & Infinity Flow Programme. Jeani has worked with 1000's of women globally to step up into their own successful leadership roles in helping to empower the lives of others through their own transformation and success stories.

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09 Oct, 2016

Clients have their say…