Who Is Jeani Howard?

Jeani Howard- What You See Is What You Get!

Just who is the lady behind the formation of Every Chance, whats her story and why does she do what she does?​


I am Jeani Howard, the founder of Every Chance and the Pure Transformation University.
I’m 37 years young, energetic and lively mummy to 4 very happy little ones from the ages of 9-2.

Today, I am a Master Energy Healer, Transformation Coach, EAM Mentor, Author & Speaker.

"I am on a mission to heal and raise the consciousness of 100 million beautiful souls."

To help people to take control of their lives, their emotions, their energy and vibration and lift it to the highest realms possible where there are no limits. A life of true alignment with limitless possibilities.

I am very much an Intuitive healer I have spent all of my life being able to sense energy, meditating, playing with candle magic, making oils, crystals and in the spirit realm- my mum is a Pagan Wiccan witch who has done tarot my whole life, so I grew up very aware of the spirit realm and the ‘psychics’ out there. I was always sceptical as to whether these people where telling the truth and real- it all seemed so far fetched.

Asides from this, I’ve always been so tuned into my body and everyone’s emotions, I have always felt ‘different’, sensed ‘different’ things to everyone else and been very very aware of my body from the inside.

I self-taught meditation, I didn’t know it was meditation back then, I just was aware of my breath and how it relaxed my body, how it changed my emotional state and how I could project out of my body. But, it wasn’t always like this, my path to where I am now has surely been a rocky and turbulent one. I was once told by a visionary at a meditation group:

“You have never suffered in a past life, instead you have suffered all in this life- you are meant to serve others in a huge way”

Those early learning's underpinning my childhood- doing breathe work, meditation, music and running being a huge factor in helping me cope with my own traumas that I had always faced growing up physical, sexual and mental abuse, from seeing my mum being raped at the age of 9 and staring psychotherapy. 

I suffering terribly with one illness after another and frequent suicide attempts, alcohol and bulimia to hide my pain as a young adolescent. Then turning to drugs, fighting and alcohol in my early adult years to mask the pain and utter contempt I carried for life and my own self-hate.

A whole host of negative self-beliefs, patterns, experiences, trauma and a few rounds with PTSD and severe aches and pains throughout my body has made me who I am today, but has given me the greatest gift of all- the knowing to know in my healing.

I have always wanted to help others to feel good- always being the one to make people laugh at school. I was a nurse for the first 14 years of my working life from EMI, Stoma, Palliative and psychiatric nursing. I was a combat medical technician in the army with the goal of either coming out and being a personal trainer or an ambulance technician- but then I had children, and I have become very squeamish!!

I love to learn and studied psychology, sociology, biology and histology when I was at college- my biggest regret was having been raised in the environment that I had with the mental conflicts and lack of support coupled with moving so frequently with being an army child and having missed so much of my schooling.

I’ve studied MBNA, NLP, with the Complementary School of Therapeutic Studies, Coaching, Le Leche Breast Feeding, completed various courses with Mindvalley, Energy Medicine, all kinds of holistic therapies, including EFT, EAM and Reiki Master. To grow and expand is our gift to ourselves- life is about living and growing and serving ourselves and others. Our brain, body and spirit are just so fundamentally amazing.

I quite literally stumbled into energy medicine 7 years ago, after my eldest son was extremely poorly and we had exhausted every medical avenue. This is where I had my first taste for EFT and energy medicine, this is where a huge door opened for me.

It was from here that I set out my obsession with energy medicine, digesting everything I could on the matter and enrolling as a student of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Learning's and enhancing my sensing of energy and seeing auras. This all came together at a time when I was running a cleaning business with 19 staff and finding myself at a cross roads of where my purpose and passion lay.

EFT (emotional freedom therapy) was a huge turning point in my life, the first session I had, well, I didn’t think it possible to ever cry so much, the releasing of the pain and sadness that I felt was utterly indescribable. You see, much of my own life had been about pain and trauma from my first memories as a child to the spiral of negativity and trauma that was thrown upon me growing up, which I realise now was just a by-product of the people around me and their individual emotional traumas.

"I was able to be free of the locked in grief that I was carrying from losing my son at 26 weeks into pregnancy"

From my first encounter of EFT, I was able to be free of the locked in grief that I was carrying from losing my son at 26 weeks into pregnancy, having relived the minute details for over 10 years was a constant weight to bare.

This first session gave me the passion to take the leap and become a practitioner so that I could help adolescents- to give them the tools and the confidence to grow into independent and successful adults who are not held back by pain, fear, patterns and negative beliefs or experiences, so they wouldn’t have to grow into their adult years carrying the same weighted emotional bag. I set out on my crusade to heal the world and helped hundreds of people, I had found my purpose and passion.

But, it’s only look back now and knowing what I know that I am sure that I hadn’t overcome the postnatal depression I had from having my eldest son Alfee, I refused to take the pills that were prescribed, living in fear that they would take him away, believing in every fibre of my body that I was a bad mum and my partner was planning to secretly take him away from me (nothing was further from the truth!!) but having moved from Bournemouth to Wales at 38 weeks pregnant and suddenly finding myself all alone was very very hard.

Now living a life free of alcohol, drugs and people,I wasn’t able to mask my pain any more. I spent all day thinking about that bottle of wine I could drink when the evening came.

My second child, Max was, well, a pregnancy I reluctantly went into to, my business was just at its grow point with taking on both staff and large contracts as the business was ‘my baby’, that having to deal with a pregnancy was a hindrance, and I still wonder if this was the cause of me having such a hideous labour that lead me to have PTSD, along with a lot of family trauma after I had him that brought a lot of pain, sadness and stress. So, when I found out I was pregnant again with Florence, I was so worried about going through labour again, but this propelled me to put together a healing package for myself to enable me to get through that anticipated labour (which resulted in me having the most amazing labour which was fast, easy and joyous).

But life was great, our plans were positive and all was great then 14 weeks into the pregnancy we found out our son was being sexually assaulted at school by his teacher- this turned our world upside down, completely. We had a terrible time with the social services, we left our home, moved cross country with nothing but our clothes some books and a few toys, we moved in with my in-laws, my husband had a break down, and I had to be the strong one, life was horrible, painful and sad. The only thing that got me through it was being able to heal Alfee’s pain and trauma with EFT.

This hit us hard, I was angry at life for being dealt the shit card again, for not knowing what was happening to Alfee, I was mad at me and mad at Martin for not being stronger and helping me. I had never felt so lonely. I had the most amazing birth with Florence, all the healing and preparation for the birth had worked wonderfully. This was all followed by the worst postnatal depression 7 weeks after birth, I wanted to jump under a lorry, luckily for me I had a fantastic team of support from Surestart, my health visitor and GP because of what we had been through following Wales. My husband had a breakdown, our business ran into the ground then just after I was recovering from postnatal with Florence only being 9 months old, I fell pregnant again- this was the final straw, I couldn’t be the rock of the family anymore and become a wreck. Looking back now those 2 years from having Florence to Teddy being 10 months was pure survival mode- barely surviving! Just a big bag of anxiety, overwhelm and fear. Martin says I hid it well, but at the time and his comments and actions spoke volumes of how well I wasn’t coping. I wanted to melt away into the floor, so consumed with negativity about myself and how I didn’t deserve my children and was just a waste of space.

I fell pregnant with Teddy as soon as I gave up breastfeeding, literally straight away, he is my miracle boy, there is no way he should have been conceived when he was. I was looking at sterilisation and was utterly devastated to be pregnant again, Florence was only 9 months old and I had just recovered from postnatal. 5 weeks into the pregnancy I knew something was wrong, within days of seeing my GP I was on morphine and on the ward, no one knew what was wrong, I was in so much pain. I went home for a day and was back in, shaking and near unconscious they rushed down to theatre thinking it was an ectopic pregnancy, I honestly thought I was going to die, but when I came around they said “ Your pregnant- your ovary had ruptured”, the endometrial lining that had been inside my tube since the age of 14 when they found it had dislodged with the pregnancy and the pregnancy hormones had made it grow, until the ovary ruptured, who knows, maybe falling pregnant had saved my life.

6 months into my pregnancy I finally crumbled from having to ‘be the strong one in our home’ I was diagnosed with a breakdown and given anti-depressants under psychiatric care- from here I came to terms with being pregnant again. I also found out that pre-natal depression is much more common than post-natal, funny because it was the first time I had ever heard of it- but it all linked up and made sense looking back on all my pregnancies.

After an extremely hard pregnancy with emergency surgery just into the pregnancy for what we thought was an eptopic, but turned out to be a ruptured ovary, a breakdown. With an easy labour, followed by a very hard few days where we almost lost Teddy Ray due to pneumonia from a strep B infection that wasn’t treated.

The first year of Teddy’s life was basic survival mode, but with the help of the antidepressants pinning me up, and knowing how I felt underneath them, I was able to go deep within using the tools and wisdom that I have picked up along this beautiful journey and have emerged stronger, wiser and much more in love with every aspect of my life, and so very grateful and thankful for Teddy Ray being here to teach me the lessons that I would never have otherwise known.

After having Teddy I met a wonderful woman named Yvette Taylor, who to this day I still don’t know how she turned up in my life. She understood me, she got my pain. Yvette had this incredible new modality of healing which combines many other forms of healing into one ass kicking, emotional beating therapy, unfortunately at the time I was suffering fairly bad psychosis and could not get my head round any of it- put it down and forgot about it until a year later she came back to me- I was very poorly after my sterilisation went wrong and was bed bound in hospital for two weeks before my emergency operation.

I came home Christmas eve, delighted to be home with my babies, but I suddenly felt like my eyes where finally open for the first time in my life. All I could see was the road of the past behind me, littered with regrets and mistakes. I was quite literally on the verge of leaving my family, my children and my husband- I just felt like I didn’t belong here. I felt worthless.

I woke up one day and decided that enough was enough- I had all the tools that I needed to drag myself out of this pit- for the sake of my family, my children and my husband, but also for myself.

I started meditating again, using reiki and journal-ling- which was great, it gave me a great outlet. Doing my intentions and gratification. For once I started doing things for me and not everyone else. I believe that everything we go through in life is a stream of little lessons- from the operations I have had has taught me that I must take time and rest- something I have never done, always busy busy, never wanting to be in my head or with myself- something which I now love. Learning mindfulness which has been one of the greatest tools ever.

I learnt from this journey that there are so many women who are going through the same thing. Being a victim of their own emotional issues- now I can see this reflected in my own parents and their parents and how these patterns are repeated. This is where I really felt the universe pushing me to and help these women with the experiences and tools that I had.

Yet, as much as I loved EFT, there was always a feeling of wanting to add to my practice, to add more to enhance others’ lives. But the big question was – HOW? How could I help these women feel great when I still spent much of my own time on that rollercoaster. Even though I was having amazing results with clients, I wanted more- to give more and to be more.

Then the wonderful lady I met a year before came back into my life. The saying goes 'when you ask, believe and trust - the universe will deliverHow true is this.

Yvette picked me up, hugged me, listened to me crying and telling her may pain- then booted me up the bum and dragged me along on the most incredible journey to releasing everything that I had been hording in my energy- believe me there was some nasty stuff in there!! I am proud to be 1 of 16 EAM founding mentors in the world! I have been able to help 1000's of people on my journey, I have teached, run events and had a standing ovation from 300 people the first time I ever got on stage to speak about my story, truly amazing.

The combination of all of the tools and methodologies that I have learnt over the past 9 years have given me the opportunity to heal on such a profound level, that I am even right now going through a CID investigation to take my mother and step father to court for their crimes of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It has to say the least been a really fucking hard time, but I am so glad to have these tools and be on this journey.

EAM Family- 1 of 16 EAM Mentors in the world!

It has been hard, there has been so many tears of sadness and joy, so many meltdowns, so many aha moments, so many times when I wanted to give up and run away, scared of facing the emotions, beliefs and issues that came up. Hidden memories, experiences and memories that were buried resurfaced, but in the end, I found love, found my inner child, came back from the brink of divorce and connected as a whole family, finding my best friend in my husband and myself- always feeling and being good enough, in alignment and loving the life I live.

Embracing these tools and all the new tools and modalities that I have been learning over these past few years the lessons learnt has brought me here today. Writing a book and propelling myself into the world.

Today, my eyes and heart are wide open, I am so grateful for the life that I have lived thus far, for every trauma and pain I have been given has been used to enable others to heal and move along on their own path of life. I am immensely in love with the universe and all that it brings on my ever developing healing journey and self-discovery, but never more so then being able to not only see the joy and transformation in other women- release and move on in their lives, but for all the children that I have healed, including my own, knowing that that mission I started out with to heal all young people so that they wouldn’t have to carry their weighted bag into adulthood are now free and equipped with the tools to enable them to be great. I know that I am able to heal others and raise the consciousness of the planet, to lay a legacy of greatness before me that I hope my own children will either step into or be so proud of me for.

I love where I have come from now the pain is all gone, I can look back on my past and feel excited as I look into my future knowing that there is so much goodness waiting to come from all of I especially love the new-found love that I feel for myself, I can truly put my hand on my hard and say that I love me, all of me. I feel like a bright sunshine, here to light up the lives of others.

I now wake up energised, so so very happy. I am an amazing mum, wife and me. Life is amazing. I am confident, have an inner peace and mostly, not always put myself first, I am so aware of my own needs and make sure that I take the time when I need to rest- I have always pushed myself to the extreme, but all of the tools that I have learnt I have applied to my own life.

Max, Florence & Teddy- My happy little family.

Gorgeous Alfee

I love how now that I am in alignment that when things do present themselves, they are obvious and easy to clear. Challenges and obstacles, I always look at now as lessons to be learnt from. But the most amazing thing that I have found from taking this journey of healing is that once in momentum of clearing- everything, I mean everything gets cleared, there has been no stone unturned. When I have tried to short cut things- universe has brought it forward as said “hay!!- Remember this- it needs clearing!”

The love of my life

My husband is so proud of me and tells me... 

“You lift the lives of everyone that you meet with your positive presence”- me??!!

I know that one day soon, I will be up on stage motivating and inspiring others with my story and healing the lives of 100 million beautiful people.

Already having changed the lives of so many women and children has been the biggest blessing from all of this and every day I am so excited to be on this journey, to enable women and their families to grow through the stages of pregnancy, labour & mummy hood without the limitations of their own negative beliefs, self-talk and negative energies that they are carrying around- life can be hard enough, pregnancy and motherhood are trying enough without carrying the extra burden of these too.

Also, working with women and children who have been the victims of rape, abuse and PTSD, transcending through to their husbands, partners, children and young adolescents- uncovering and clearing their beliefs, patterns and traumas and anxieties.

The funny thing is, that now when I look back on my life, it’s not the pain and sadness that I feel, but the experiences of having moved so frequently, having met so many wonderful people and having made an imprint in so many hearts. I am truly grateful for the life that I have lived, and now for the life that lays before me.

I only hope that you too will now become one of my 100 million to heal. Are you ready to say “Yes” to you?

So, take my hand and let’s stand together as we take that first step into the unknown of greater love, joy and happiness that is waiting.

With Healing Love & Prosperity Always

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About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award winning therapist, healer, author and speaker. Jeani has on her own journey of healing overcome PTSD, clinical depression and agonising anxiety. A mother of 4 who suffered with birth trauma and pre and post natal depression, now prides herself on having worked with 1000's of adults, adolescents and women through pregnancy, labour and their transition into motherhood.

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