What Are You Holding On To?

What's Stuck In Your Body?

Everything that we experience is due to trapped emotions, unprocessed negative experiences, negative emotional baggage and stress.

The collection of negative beliefs, patterns, experiences, emotions and information that we gather determines the state of our energy, they very often become ‘stuck’ in the various layers of our energy field, which in turn leads to blockages, inhibiting the natural flow of the energy into, around and out of the body.

When you react to conditions in your life, your body in turns reacts to this stress

When this energy becomes disrupted and blocked it can lead to weakness in the bodily organs and they then become prone to injury and disease, causing a lower immunity.

This is the same for mental health, the health and flow of our energy body determines our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When there are blockages in our energy, the body sends us signs to warn us that there is an imbalance including:

  • Stress
  • ​Restlessness
  • Inability to cope
  • Anxiety
  • ​Physical and psychological aches and pains
  • ​Sleep & weight issues
  • Sadness
  • Sudden outbursts of crying

We become defined by our past experiences and emotions, we live by them every single day, but to let go of these emotionally, biologically and physically we can start to live a life of newness from a place of fullness.

If this is left untreated it can lead to a huge detrimental effect on the body, in all areas- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s a signal from your body that rubbish is being stored- go into the positive source of emotions and watch how quickly the negative will diminish.

So many people are so shut off from their emotional wellbeing, spirituality and healing- this is why there are so many sick people in the world. Although, if you were to visit other cultures where they are in tune to their emotional wellbeing, spirituality and healing you will find happy, balanced and healthy people in every area of their life- living to old age.

In our ever, but late developing Western world, there is astounding scientific proof and evidence of the energy body and the effects of energy healing as more and more people are opening their eyes to it and turning to this natural way of life over dangerous and toxic prescription methods.

Everything in western medicine is set to supress the pain – yet it has been proven and long lived within many cultures that this pain is an imbalance in the body, the body communicates to you that it needs addressing.

What we suffer from is trapped emotions leading to disease and illness

Do you ever find that if you have a headache- you focus on it and it becomes worse? People who suffer with emotional trauma, depression, anxiety etc- they get worse then start taking pills to mask the pain, yet this is simply cutting off the signals between the neurotransmitters, hiding the pain. Why are people not dealing with the cause of the pain- the negative and toxic emotions and foods?

What Are You Holding Onto?

What emotional pain, beliefs or patterns are you holding deep in your body? How many of the following are you troubled with?

- Anxiety

- Headaches

- Extreme stress

- Explosive anger

- Inflammation in the body

- Fatigue/Tiredness

- Long term aches and pains

- Disruptive sleep

- Inability to concentrate

- Cravings and addictions

- An inability to control your weight

- Lack of energy

- Menstrual problems

- Fertility problems


- Constantly overwhelmed

These are all signs that there is an imbalance in the body!

By working through the specific symptoms individually, we can repair the imbalances, transform the emotions and bring harmony, balance and self-healing back into the body,

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About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award winning therapist, healer, author and speaker. Jeani has on her own journey of healing overcome PTSD, clinical depression and agonising anxiety. A mother of 4 who suffered with birth trauma and pre and post natal depression, now prides herself on having worked with 1000's of adults, adolescents and women through pregnancy, labour and their transition into motherhood.

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