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Are You A Victim Of Emotional Hangovers?

​Hung Over Without the Alcohol? On Emotions?

Okay- I Know this sounds crazy, but bare with me...

You know that feeling you have probably had a thousand times when you have had a fall out with your loved one, your spouse- a really emotional trauma that has left you feeling like utter crap that next day- you could swear that you had had a night out on the town drinking your sorrows away​.

The physical symptoms of-  nausea, pounding head and irritability and general illness from the effects of feeling this emotional pain, trauma, guilt, anger or shame?!

​Well, I can safely say that YES- you have been victim to an emotional hangover!Those amazing researchers over at NYU (New York University) have confirmed that this is so true!

Their study not only confirmed that this strange occurrence are not only real and biological but effect our minds- the neurological pathways, our cells and our energy system. If you really want to understand more about this you can find out on create a date with your energy and what is all this stress about.​

Experiencing these high level of emotions alter the neurological pathways within our brain- cause these same emotions to become lodged in our cells and them cause blockages and disruptions in our system. These will then keep on repeating the same patterns until they are changed.​

​Lila Davachi- associate professor in NYU's Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science quoted....

"Emotion is a state of mind. These findings make it clear that our cognition is highly influenced by preceding experiences and. specifically, that emotions brain states can persist for long periods of time"

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It has been proven time and again that the effect high levels of emotions, particularly stress emotions can have on the neurological levels of a person- as seen so often in PTSD. Charged emotions stay with us longer then emotions that have no significance.

​These charged emotions then go on to form a neuro connection within the brain and stay in our subconscious memory bank- so as soon as a trigger comes along- the automatic fight or flight response fires up and your mind, body and energy is reliving those emotions and states all over again.

​The best way to deal with this is to accept it- let it go! That shit does not serve you

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