The Thymus Gland- More Than Just The King Of Immunity!!

The Thymus Gland Is Vital For So Many Unknown Reasons! 

Do you even know how vital the thymus gland is for your absolute health on every single level?

The Thymus Gland is the first link between the mind and body connection. The thymus is the main organ that keeps us ticking along by enabling our health to be balanced, but also by supporting many functions within our immune system and body, including:

  • The Thymus is the main organ that is responsible for the balance and flow of the immune system by regulating the energy flow throughout the energy system.
  • It enables and stimulates the production of white blood cells which are vital in fighting disease and infection.
  • It also controls the immunological defence system of the body this monitors and regulates the body's energy flow.
  • Stimulating this lovely organ helps to correct and rebalance imbalances in the meridians (the energy veins)
  • Promotes self healing
  • because of all of this - it helps combat ageing!!

The thymus also controls healing. True healing power comes from within, and keeping our life energy high supports any healing process. Without life energy and vitality, medications and other treatments have no value. You know your thymus is activated when your life energy is high and you are positive.

Positive energy and thoughts is a must for keeping this organ in tip top shape as negative thoughts and feelings lowers its own energy levels and makes it weak. Due to the vital role that this plays in immunity, it is the link between body and mind and the first response to emotional or physical stress will shrink it in size and reduce its energy and productivity.

Scientists link ageing with this amazing organ!!

scientists are know linking the Thymus Gland  and the process of ageing together. Due to the extraordinary amazing role that this organ plays within our body and on our health, research has found that as we age, the immune system defences are lowered and this in turn has a knock on effect on how we age.

Is there not a huge link to the fact that stress and negative emotions shrink this gland?

Science has found that this organ begins a decline in size when all the other organs are growing, it reaches its greatest size during sexual maturity- around the age of 14! and then starts to shrink and decline long before the immune system becomes weak​.

Knowing what we know about the effects of stress and negative emotions and linking the huge emotional and negativity we face around the ages of 14- is this the missing link in supporting the immune system- in supporting this wonderful organ?

As we age, our natural defences against fighting infection​ become less over time, leading to 'confusion' in the immune system leading to the body attacking its own cells and tissues which then leads to the production of autoimmune disease- this attacking and lowering of the immune system is what leads to risk in cancer with increasing age.

​Find out more about the thymus, including specific energy medicine tools and exercises to stimulate the energy and life of this amazing organ and more for new energy, better health and a pain free life that you love.

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