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Reflections Of The Year Gone By & The Girl I Found!

What a roller coaster 2016 was!

The highs, the even lowers and the not too many in betweens. This year has been about transformation, self discovery and uncovering the girl who I didn't even know existed.

Our life is one long journey with winding twists and turns, pain and laughter, joy and fun, sadness and sorrow. But the biggest things that I have learnt is that -

  • Holding onto pain and trauma is harder than letting it go
  • If you don't clear those negative patterns, experiences, beliefs and emotions- they will keep repeating, like a stuck record playing until you clear them
  • Everything that we experience in life, everyday, is a lesson- to learn and grow from
  • If you haven't learnt that lesson it will keep coming back until you have learnt from it, grown from it and let it go
  • Emotions stay in your body, right down at a cellular level, they vibrate through you, become you and reflect out to your outer world and back again & you can actually become to emotions!!

I started this year in pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My 10 years of personal development and healing only really took affect this year once I learnt to let go, when I harnessed the right tools to take away the pain, to change the emotions that I was carrying deep inside of me, the traumas, the losses, the shame and guilt that had manifested itself into manic depression, pain, anxiety and complete sadness.

​On reflection I can not believe that was me- a whole life time, well, (36 years to be exact!) or built up emotions, negative energies, worthlessness and lack of self love- it's all gone!

meeting you

​I'm not going to lie, this is probably been the hardest year of my life, releasing, uncovering memories, emotions and beliefs, but the releasing has been so joyously uplifting, feels so damn good.

​Today, I am the women who is focused, in love with me, I have energy, purpose, fun memories and have become the women, mum, wife and friend that I never thought I would be, I am not looking out behind lenses anymore, I'm not rose tinting the world behind a sorrow of bleakness, it just isn't there.

​Here are some of the most fundamental tools that I use daily to enhance my life-

What about you?

Where have you been? Are you complete, or are you still delving, trying to find the girl that's inside of you? Are you masking your pain?

What has been your highs and low of the year? What exactly are the reflections of your year that you are learning from? Are you growing or are you stuck in transition?

​I have learnt so much about myself this year and I am excited to be learning everyday, excited to wake up and wonder what am I going to learn today, what will I uncover, knowing I have the power, I have the tools to release anything I don't need, the tools to manifest everything that I desire.

​2017 is the year I ask you to strip away those layers- I dare you!! To propel into your greatness, to uncover the girl that's been hiding- to pull up those big girl pants and become the ninja that you were born to be!
I myself will be serving more and more people to uncover who they really are, to strip away the layers hiding them from being the true great beings that they we are all born to be. My mission is to help 100 million people top be the best that they can be!

​Here are some of the most fundamental tools that I use daily to enhance my life-

  • 5 minutes of journaling a day
  • Gratification- everyday and in everyway!
  • Intention setting- what do you want from your life daily?
  • Energy healing- fundamental at releasing those core emotions that keep you stuck!
  • Affirmations- these are just amazing!
  • Stretching
  • Awareness- My fav word- awareness is key!
  • Manifesting- is so easy to do when you know how

Harnessing the use of these has been a turning point in propelling the momentum of greatness in my life, and it can for you too.

I am offering you a free call radical life changing call with me and an in​troduction into the world of energy healing and the best of self development. this is where we look at you- where you are now, whats going on inside of you, how you really feel about you, your relationships, how you are showing up in the world, your finances, your passions, desires, connecting to yourself, your inner child and fun.

Are you ready to uncover the you that is banging on the door, begging to be set free?, even if you are not- come and have a chat with me- I love meeting new people.​

​Here is to 2017 being the greatest gift, the greatest discoveries to be found, the best of abundance a to flow as we all flourish in our greatness.

To the best of your healing, love & prosperity in 2017​

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Jeani Howard is an intuitive healer and award winning therapist who specialises in Pre & Post Natal care and PTSD as well as childhood trauma & anxiety. Her desire is to help as many people as possible to feel better. Help her hit her 1 million!

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