Are You In Pain? Physically, Mentally, Emotionally?

Is Pain Something That You Are Living With?

Is it a daily pain?
Or is it triggered by a memory or stress?​

So, I am inspired to write this today as I have been pretty much laid up with a bad back after trapping a nerve and feeling quite sorry for myself! Back pain is something that I have learnt to control and live with for the past 9 years after having my eldest child after coming out of the Army. But, after being on my own inner a journey, it has given me great reflection as to what am I still holding in my back energetically?
I now know that all pain is the bodies way of saying "Hay, there is a disruption here and it need addressing".

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Or do you have unexplained pain pop up in different areas of your body?
It's nasty isn't it?

Healing and western medicine go hand in hand in complimenting one another in many ways. but there are so many other ways of releasing pain in the body naturally, especially when the pain is emotional. 

The trouble with western medicine is they are great at treating the symptom but not at treating the underlying cause.

Do you know that much of the unexpected pain that occurs within the body is linked to an emotion that you are carrying in your body, at a cellular level? I have worked with so many people on their own chronic pain and it has led back to a belief, anger, guilt or some other emotion that has caused the pain.

One lady I worked with had suffered a chronic severe pain in her neck for 15 years that prevented her from turning her head to one side. Within half an hour we released it, it was all down to the emotions she felt about her mother suffering depression when she was a child! How amazing is that?

Have you had surgery and still have pain that region? This is a formation of stuck energy, or resistant energy that builds up in this area.

  • What emotions were you feeling at that time of the operation,
  • How did you feel after?
  • Did you heal quickly?

All these are natural occurrences within the body, the effect of emotions on our body and the energy within our body are just incredible in. Yet, to understand the full concept of how this all works, you need to know that we are not just a solid body, in fact we are all made up of energy.

Everything around you is made up of energy. If you were to magnify your hand several billion times, you would see that it is just made up of atoms and molecules, millions of tiny particles moving around that are made up of energy.

The basic building blocks of life. This energy is the electromagnetic energy that is produced by the body and enables us to have life.

Have you ever heard of the Abraham Hicks emotional scale?

As you can see it is a frequency chart that shows you all the range of emotions and the frequency of these emotions.

So many people are living down in the contracted emotions of fear, anger, hatred etc. These are very dense frequency slow moving energy, and because we are energy beings and need this ever to move freely in and around the body to give energy and life to our organs, when we have slow moving, heavy contracted emotions it can cause a sluggishness within our body that then leads to a disruption and pain.
Yet, when we are in the happy emotional scale up at love and above, everything is easy, fun, loving and free, we feel great, we have so much energy and we want to dance around- this is because this energy is free flowing and happy.

Emotions are considered to be the major internal causes of disease by the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are thought to be pairs of organs which are associated with specific emotions. The five major organ systems involve pairs of organs and an associated emotion.

  • The liver and gallbladder are associated with anger
  • The heart and small intestine are associated with joy
  • The spleen and stomach are associated with over-thinking or daydreaming
  • The lungs and large intestine are associated with grief
  • The back is associated with support in life and feeling supported

I recently worked with a child who had suffered severely with his chest for all of his young 9 years of life, and it all stemmed from a deep grief that he was carrying energetically from a past life when he lost his wife. I know that can sound crazy, but given the fact that we are a soul in this body, a formation of energy that moves from one life to another. We are all just living in this body, experiencing this life and learning the lessons that are here to be learnt.

'Because we are just an energy being, is it hard to believe that we may be carrying patterns and emotions from previous lives in our energy?'

More and more factual evidence is being brought forward from mainstream science to the findings of this energy, our energy system and that the body has a soul. Whilst reading a fantastic book- Molecules Of Emotions by Candace Pert, I found an interesting discovery, that back in The 17th century when scientists were officially forbidden to go anywhere near the soul, or psyche.Rene Descartes, the philosopher and founding father of modern medicine was forced to make a deal with the pope in order for him to get the bodies that he needed for dissection.

He agreed that he would have nothing to do with the soul, mind, or the emotions, all aspects of human experience was to be held exclusive jurisdiction of the church at that time. This is where the divide in the human experience came about, setting the tonality for the unbalance that is now known as the western medicine as it is today.

When we look at how we process emotions and absorb them into our body, via this 'emotional box' where we pile and push all of our experiences, beliefs and traumas into, how, when we face trauma and bad experiences, we just absorb these negative, feel bad emotions back into our body.

When emotions are felt so strongly and so powerfully over a period of time, they cause injury to the internal organs. Formations of stagnant energy builds up and cause a disruption with in the surrounding tissue which leads to disharmony in the cellular structure of the organs- opening it up to disease and pain.

Does this resonate with you?

It is this overflow of emotions that causes IBS, sleep issues, headaches, weight issues, anxiety, pain, stress, which then, in turn leads to depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and other serious diseases and illnesses within the body. It's simply the bodies way of telling you that there is a disruption within that needs to be addressed, yet we keep pushing more of these emotions down, suppressing them, taking medication to deal with the pain without first addressing the core foundation to why this is happening in the first place.

When we look at the range of emotions and the process that happen within the bodily organs and the symptoms of disharmony that they cause, we can start to have a true understanding of ourselves, our body and how we can address what is happening and how we can go about removing this resistant energy blockages and emptying that emotional box to bring peaceful, pain free, harmonious living into our bodies and mind.

Tell me, honestly....

  • Are you still affected by trauma from childhood?
  • Do you still frequently remember that person in your life who did you much hurt and upset?
  • Do you still feel pain in your heart when you think about that experience that hurt you?
  • Are you angry at that person still?
  • Do you feel wronged and angry by what happened?
  • Are you a good sleeper who awakes feeling energised and amazing for the day?
  • Do you suffer with anxiety or pain that is holding you back in life?
  • How much is this still affecting you today?
  • Do you love and nurture your body due to this or do you find yourself negative and judgemental about you, yourself and your body?
  • Do you think your body or your mind will thrive and heal under these conditions?

There are now so many tools and modalities that are becoming more well known in our western world to enhance our daily lives, psychologically, emotional, physically and biologically, and yet these all go hand in hand. The mind and body connection is just that, a connection, when we start learning that knowledge and awareness are the underpinnings of changing our current situation, that our emotions, body, soul and pain are all interlinked, then we can begin the formation of change to be that of healthy, pain free living that is happy and joyful.

Anxiety is now the leading illness that is affecting people across the globe

Children as young as 4 are suffering with panic attacks, more and more teens are seeing their GP for anxiety and depression.

Is this the generation of people that will growing and thriving into adulthood?

Do you know that 1 in 3 women across the whole of the world are subject to sexual assult or abuse.Yet, not only is it the emotions that we are holding onto in our body, but also all of the beliefs, experiences, patterns, both ancestral and past life patterns that are causing this pain within your body.
As a baby, we rely on our senses for communication- we pick up the emotions that our parents are feeling. We take on their beliefs, their fears and emotions. These teachers form foundation of beliefs, of who we are, what we believe and interpret in the world.
I work with so many adults who tell me that they have this anxiety- this bad back because its hereditary,

"My mother/father has this anxiety/bad back, so do I"

This is a pattern I have heard time and time again from adults, a lifetime of belief that is removed within 30 minutes.

Jeani Howard
Healer & Author

We are now living a world where the normal is being in pain. how much pain are you living with? Both mentally and physically?

Which of the following emotions are you holding onto?

When we look at anger, it is an emotion that brings much pain to us and others on every level. It is associated with resentment, frustration, irritability and rage. We all know how explosive anger can be when  suppressed it for so long, is comes out in ferocious waves. Anger is  stored in the liver and gallbladder, which produce and store bile, respectively.

Every heard of a bitter resentment? Now you know why!

Anger affects us on many levels within our body, biologically, psychologically and physically. Anger is both draining on all levels, causes headaches, dizziness and high blood pressure as well as a whole host of issues with our loved ones.

Stress is a huge pain to live with and is something that we can all relate to, but when it is consistent and over powering it can have a massive down turn affect on your over all health and well being. Stress makes everything appear worse. It takes all rationality out of everything. It causes headaches, palpitations, sleep disorders, causes weight issues, disrupts the functionality of the brain and the heart as a whole, it also affects the muscles as it causes contractions in the shoulder muscles, back spasms and headaches. Stress is the beginning of all diseases and illnesses and does lead to anxiety which in turn leads to depression. 
Sadly, Anxiety is one of the leading global diseases today. Anxiety is an emotion the brings much excessive worry, physical and biological changes within the body and psychological issues that can beat us down and make us feel worthless. that can affect the lungs and large intestine. Anxiety can cause a person to be unable to use their energy effectively and suffer from shortness of breath and ulcerative colitis, an inflammation of the large intestine as well as fatigue, lethargy and inability to concentrate.

Grief is such a painful emotion that brings much sadness, pain and creates disharmony in the lungs, leading to lung complaints such as asthma, bronchitis and respiratory diseases. Grief is an emotion that can just stop a person in their tracks- injuring the lungs and causing a massive disruption in the energy from circulating throughout the body.

Fear is also linked in with powerlessness and is an emotion that can cause disharmony in the kidneys and cause involuntary urination, urinary tract infections, back pain and insomnia from the constant worry of being under attack. Extreme fear can cause a person to spontaneously lose control of his kidneys and bladder. This is also an emotion of shock that brings panic due to something sudden and unexpected. Fright affects the heart in the short run and when it becomes chronic can affect the kidneys. Fear in itself can manifest as chronic adrenal fatigue, a constant never ending tired-but-wired feeling. 
Living in a state of constant fear, or the fight or flight state is dangerous for the body and cause major organs to shut down.

Not to mention PTSD- how many of our service men are coming home and spending years upon years taking ridiculous amounts of medication. Women are now coming into the spot light and finally being recognised for having PTSD too, yet there is not enough being done to help these people without the prescription drugs or mind numbing- retriggering counselling and psychotherapy
PTSD is a condition that had me in its grips for nearly 13 years in total, gave me severe IBS, night terrors, bad dreams, alcoholism and drug dependency. 

When you learn how easy it is to remove these contracted emotions from the body and replace them with harmonious, happy emotions that enables the to energy to run freely and easily, you will find that that pain will disappear.There is so much more to know about the body, emotions and the energy system, so much information that can turn pain and disease into joy, a free energy that brings relief, happiness and joy, there is so much more to understand about why we feel the way we feel and why it is not our fault.

Do you know?

This energy in the body, this electromagnetic energy is what forms our aura? It is a formations of the energy from the organs and the hearts energy which forms this aura, our protective shield that is also our subconscious memory bank- this is where everything that we ever experience, every belief, pattern and emotion is stored and remembered until we release it.

We could spend years in counselling, I did,  only to still have the pain, still have the emotional scars and all because we are still holding onto the emotions within our cells and aura.

There is so much to understand and know about the body and the energy system that enables us to live. I wrote this book for the sceptical mind- a science backed book of who you are, why you feel the way you feel and why it is not your fault.

It is the bridge between the 'woo woo' that is energy and our emotions, the science behind all of it and best of all the signs that you are not functioning at the level you should be, the reasons why you are experiencing Pain, IBS, PTSD, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, ME and so much more.

Come and enjoy the first two chapters here and really get to know your body and mind as one- the first step to healing.

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award winning therapist, healer, author and speaker. Jeani has on her own journey of healing overcome PTSD, clinical depression and agonising anxiety. A mother of 4 who suffered with birth trauma and pre and post natal depression, now prides herself on having worked with 1000's of adults, adolescents and women through pregnancy, labour and their transition into motherhood.

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