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EAM- The New Healing Modality Rocking The World!

You Haven't Tried Everything Until You Have Tried Energy Alignment Method!

Self Help Books? Law Of Attraction? Healing Modalities? Counselling, CBT?​

By everything I mean that you have tried many healing modalities, counselling, CBT, pills and potions. Read all the self help books and still puzzled as to why you keep coming back to the same old problems, the same old issues that have been haunting you for years?

I know I had. Even producing the amazing results that I was giving to my clients with EFT, Reiki and crystal therapy, I could just not clear the anxiety, the repeating cycles of depressions​ and trauma that had weighed me down my whole life. Always stuck in a negative cycle of "I'm not good enough".

The "I'm Not Good Enough" belief!​

That is until a new healing modality landed quite literally into my life, dragging me kicking and screaming into submission and I don't even have the words to tell you how scary, elating and truly mind blowing my own journey to self healing has been.​

Every thing that you think you know about energy healing, the effects of energy and emotions and what we are holding onto in our energy and body on a biological, neurological, physical and energetic level  is nothing like the eye opener you will experience with EAM. Eam is Energy Alignment Method, I am so proud to say that I am only 1 of 16 EAM Mentors across the world who is using this method of profound healing.

1 Of 16 Founding EAM Mentors

Do You Know That You Are Just Energy?

You did, didn't you?
That we form the foundation of our beliefs, experiences and look on the world all from below the ages of 7 from our care givers. As we age we add to these layers within our body and energy system, every experience, emotion, belief and more.

We hold each emotion in our energy system- negative emotions are contracted and not free flowing ​which then leads to pain and illness. You can read more about this in my book or in other blog posts such as PTSD which gives you a great understanding more of what is happening within the energy and emotions and how this affects your life

Negative experiences, beliefs and thought patterns also ​form how we think and see the world around us as we grow. Many of our thoughts, beliefs and views have come from our parents, our care givers.

I meet so many people who have said that they suffer with anxiety, or some other illness because their parent/s had it. This is just a belief and a pattern and one that is so quickly changed.

One of the biggest and most amazing things that I have learnt on this journey is just how profound the patterns that we are carrying both hereditary, ancestral are on how we are today.

What can you see repeating in you that you see in your mum or dad, your grandparents, their parents? ​

Normally the most common one is a pattern of abuse, a long line of sexual abuse that occurs throughout the female blood line.
Patterns of depression, alcoholism, drug taking, self harm, negative thinking etc.

Yet, as you know we are all energy beings experiencing this life from within this body?! We also form patterns and experiences from past lives that are still present within our own energy ​system. Sounds crazy? I know, but it's true, and one that blows every client away during their session.

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Have you applied it many times and still keep coming back to the same old way of living. The reason why are these patterns, beliefs, experiences, traumas that you have within the intricate layers of your energy, the neurons in your brain and right down to a cellular level!​ They are causing a resistance to the flow of your energy, remember the law of vibration, the law of attraction- we only attract what we have in our energy.

Like attracts like!

We push all of emotions down into this internal 'emotional box', we suppress them, suppress the experiences that we have had, the traumas. Until eventually our body starts crying out to us.....

Stress, pain, IBS, sleep issues, weight issues, head aches, lack of focus, no energy, no motivation......

These are all simple ways in which the body is telling you that there is an issue within the body that needs to be fixed, an emotional blockage that is preventing the flow of energy in and around the organs, body and energy system​.

Yet, we all live with these symptoms, unaware of the real reason why we have these in the first place. We soldier on,​ taking pills and potions to get through the day.

This then leads to anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, ME, fibromyalgia and more serious diseases and illnesses that come from the body being unable to heal itself, which is our own natural birth right.

We evolved with the ability to heal ourselves, we knew that our energy system needed to be free flowing and clear to feed our organs and pass our energy out into the world and back again.​ Without it we would simply not exist. 

Yet, today, right now, we are living in amazing times with the most fantastic technical advancements to share knowledge around the world. We are seeing a rise in the most extraordinary Eastern practices coming into our western world that is bringing with it its own secrets of the old traditional ways- the ways to move your body and your vital energy for the very best of health and wellness.​

Energy Alignment Method is a practice that brings together the science of the body and mind, the energy, muscle testing and all of the universals laws, a method that is so powerful that we can actually trace the core emotion of an experience or pattern, like abuse, or rape and trace it back to where that emotion was formed, release it and start a new formation of a happy, joyful emotion and pattern that lifts the vibration of your energy and affects every part of your life, for all concerned.

A reset button for the emotion and energy system

EAM is the first healing modality that works by releasing the emotions around the event that you are holding within your energy, without ever going into the trauma of the negative experience that caused it.

But How Do You Know What You Are Holding On To?

Muscle testing: A process of getting answers from your subconscious mind!

We are able to ask to the body/energy questions and get the answers via how strong the muscle is, in the case of EAM, we get a yes or no answer. It's quite bizzare, very very amazing and easy to work with.
Even the most logical of people who I have seen have said it wouldn't work, have left a session with me blown away!

This is astounding for PTSD suffers, victims of rape, all trauma. Not having to be retriggered before they clear the emotions and energy around the event is so powerful.​ 

We simply clear the emotions without going into the trauma!

After experiencing many many different modalities of therapy, nothing has cleared my own trauma and pain like EAM has and my passion to share this with the world is so massive and so exciting.

Can you imagine being able to find out exactly what emotions you are holding in your energy system and at what age they were formed? ​

This modaliy changed my life, saved my marriage and has saved 100's of people who I have been able to use this amazing methodology with.

So often we know that we are not comfortable- "If only I could....." but we don't always know the underlying root cause of our comfortableness- this is where using this healing modality Energy alignment method is so powerful, we ask the questions, get the answers, clear the energy through a sequence of steps and replace it with positive, happy empowering emotions, beliefs and patterns- easy, effective and as it has released the old negative for good- its a new energetic and neuro set point that is positive and happy.

I use this therapy in my own Every Chance 5 Step Pure Transformation Program- Combined with the very best of energy medicine tools, coaching skills, NLP and self development tools and exercises that I have spent decades learning to bring the best of the best in pure transformation.

​Louise & Fibromyalgia 

​When Louise started on my program- she was taking 18 pills per day for fibromyalgia and pain. She was unable to leave the house, could not stand to cook food for her children.
Within 4 weeks of being on the program, she was down to 2 pills per day!!

Louise Before Her Journey To Transformation & Wellness:

  • Cramp in sides, hands, feet, tummy and bum
  • Fuzzy head, can’t process anything i.e. Speaking, reading listening
  • Dizziness
  • Painful eyes 
  • Neckache
  • Clicky collar bone &  gristly knees
  • Can’t sleep but always exhausted
  • Tense arms, wrists palms of hands hurt driving 
  • Fingers weak when pressing buttons
  • ​Fever & aches
  • Walking differently, painfully
  • Back pains- upper & lower
  • Anxiety
  • Cold
  • Jaw feels strained
  • Patchy skin
  • Morning and night time sickness
  • Stiffness, get stuck in bed
  • Shakey, wobbly Falling over
  • Incontinence
  • Brittle nails
  • Poor memory/attention/speech
  • Sore throat
  • Feel like I'm a washing machine on full spin cycle shaking inside
  • Deeply tired

Louise was housebound and unable to live a life of normality with her two children and was deeply unhappy. Within 4 weeks of being on the program, she reported these changes as well as being down to only 2 pills per day!!

Yes you're totally right!

It's given me my life back, AND SOME!

I can cuddle Marie without squealing in pain, I can drive confidently, I can stand up long enough to cook dinners rather than ready meals, I can type properly again!

I don't get fused stuck in bed when I wake up and want to roll over!

I can walk with a sexy strut again rather than be on edge that my legs might give way and I'll fall over!

I can get dressed and undressed again by myself.

I can shave my legs again

so many little things in life I took for granted!

Walking the dogs and not having to spend the rest of the day in bed from exhaustion and pain!

And being aware of releasing has been such an amazing benefit to us all.

You're my hero J

It's so nice to feel dare I say normal?!

It's so nice to feel dare I say normal?!

But amazing too!

That content feeling that you CAN cope!



Louise is now still living a life of healthy happiness, pill free and is expecting a baby!

This is just one of many amazing cases that I have been able to help people find a life of pain free living, joy and happiness.

I never imagined that I would be free from depression, PTSD, anxiety or the constant negative mind chatter and self talk that would rip me to shreds every day- how much I hated getting up every morning to face myself.

I had been written off by many healers and therapists, which almost made me give up on my life and passion of being a healer myself, how could I when I couldn’t heal myself, yet being able to heal my own son was the inspiration that I needed to keep going, and I am glad I did. I am honoured to be on this path and 1 of only 16 founding mentors of EAM.

Jeani Howard EAM Mentor

I urge anyone reading this to come and experience healing with me, book an intro session and see exactly what is holding you back in your life and clear those blockages that are keeping you from manifesting the life and health of your dreams.

Where would you be without any limitations?

Are you ready to say “YES” to you?

Download the first two chapters for free of our groundbreaking book which explains all about the make up of you, why you feel the way you feel and why it is not your fault.
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Jeani Howard is an intuitive healer and award winning therapist who specialises in Pre & Post Natal care and PTSD as well as childhood trauma & anxiety. Her desire is to help as many people as possible to feel better. Help her hit her 1 million!

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