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Natural Ways To Beat Anxiety For Optimal Health

Ever heard the saying 'every thought creates a reaction'?

Learning to get a grip on anxiety can be one of the most exhilarating things that you can do for yourself.

But How Will I Ever Tame This Anxiety? I hear you say!

Firstly- every feeling that you have, the churning in your stomach, the tightness in your throat​, the trembling legs and the voice that comes from you putting you down again- this all first comes from a thought! 


Firstly by being present in your body- taking a deep breath and just bringing yourself back to you- focusing on how it feels to be in your body- the wiggle of your toes, the rise and fall of your chest.

Next is to be so completely aware of your thoughts- what are you saying to yourself, what words are you using? What comes up for you? how are you speaking to yourself?

Next challenge everything that you hear from your mind....



Once you start to question the truths of what is going on in your mind​- you can really start to look at the reality of everything. This will in turn lift you and make you feel so much better about yourself and your mind.

This is of course not an overnight instant miracle job- but like I said- AWARENESS IS KEY- to everything, so just by starting to be aware of the thoughts that trigger that anxiety and changing them will go onto have beneficial affects long term.​

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani Howard is an intuitive healer and award winning therapist who specialises in Pre & Post Natal care and PTSD as well as childhood trauma & anxiety. Her desire is to help as many people as possible to feel better. Help her hit her 1 million!

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