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There are reasons that 99.99% of women don't love themselves as they should with many feeling down and disconnected from their lives like some kind of space monkey!

Where are you now?

For just a moment I want you to imagine driving on the motorway with the handbrake on, using all that extra fuel, not able to focus because of the noise of the brake pads burning as they rub against the discs all the way, the terrible vibrations in your car, the extra effort you have to make to pin the accelerator down hard just to get anywhere, the noise of the engine as it revs and overheats just trying to cope with the load.

It's stressful isn't it...

Would it make sense to you if I suggested that this accurately describes your life?  Like driving with the handbrake on and wondering why you don't get anywhere?

But your brain has no visible handbrake, you cant see if it's on or not, you can only feel it and even when you know you are holding yourself back you don't know where to look to undo it and even if you could physically see it you probably wouldn't know how to operate it without jamming the brakes on harder.

So you cycle on with your life, accepting you are not who you are supposed to be, thinking that you have less energy that you used to, that your life is fine and you should just be more grateful maybe covering up the pain from time to time with pills, exercise, drink and even sometimes drugs that only make it go away for a bit then often come back worse later on.

All the while the noise in your mind from the scraping of your internal brakes makes thinking clearly difficult, clouds your thoughts and makes you feel a bit less clever than you used to be, in fact, sometimes you call yourself stupid in your own mind.

And all this while on the outside having what everyone else thinks is a perfectly good life so you feel guilty and ungrateful for feeling the things you feel.

For many women this is normal life, it's their everyday, it's their story, well it's not your story any more.

1 in 4 women require treatment for depression at some point in their life according to

Are you one of those women?  

Could you become one of those women if you carry on the way you are?  

Should you already be a statistic but haven't mustered up the courage to admit it to your friends, family, doctor, even yourself?

It's time to change...

I've had most things, severe trauma, abuse, depression, psychosis, a list of things and I've been on pills, counselling, Dr's, all sorts.  I've even given up on myself and attempted suicide.

Well screw all that, it's behind me now and I don't need any artificial sweeteners to perk me up, no counsellors, no Dr's and definitely no pills.  I have travelled across continents to find the best way of changing lives and turning around the horrific statistics of Women's mental health in the West.

15% of Women are diagnosed with Post-Natal Depression, how is that even considered normal?  It might be something that makes sense to you, it might not but the numbers are vast and the impact on lives is huge, incalculable even.

EAM Is the Most Powerful Healing Tool I've Ever Used

This isn't a course, a video, a PDF or something you have to do yourself, it's real 1:1 time for you with the most powerful tool you will ever use...

Find out why, whatever you do, you always end up back in the same place after initially gaining traction, why EAM is the only modality in the world right now that takes on the basic neurochemistry that keeps us locked in emotional cycles and how things that happened to you in the past that you think are gone are actually sucking your energy away.

You will get to clear away some of these blockages there and then even though it's just a taster session and then guess what happens?

You Will Feel Free

You don't have to relive horrific memories or go through things that make you uncomfortable or go through some laborious process that doesn't help you at all, it is just incredible.

As one of the world's only EAM practitioners and mentors I can give you the transformational power of EAM and change your life.

It's £15 for a trial session which is hugely discounted because I know what it's like not being sure if something will really work or not, I mean it sounds great but what if you pay a lot of money and get nothing?

It's happened to me, many times over with many different methods, obviously I can't name and shame because I will get my backside sued off by someone but I'm not going to put you in that position.  £15 just to try it and if it doesn't work for you for any reason I will give you all your money back (I've never had to do this even with the most sceptical people).

Let's do this, let's take the first step to changing your whole life and make sure you come back from the place you never thought you'd get out from.

Stay Strong

Jeani Xx

What Our Customers Say

What do I get In my Intro Session?

  • 1 full hour of transformational healing
  • 1:1 session - not in a group online face to face
  • A pre call questionnaire that helps you find out where you are and your biggest challenges (it's not always what you think it is)
  • A post call action plan for you to take further steps with clarity and conviction

What do we get out of your Intro Session?

Some of the people who take an Intro Session go on to become long term clients who we support and help grow - No catches, that's it.

This is for you if...

  • You've had some kind of energy healing before and it's not worked or not lasted.
  • You've thought about energy transformations but never taken the first step to trying it.
  • You've had some form of Dr or counsellor led treatment that hasn't worked for you.
  • If you have recurring emotions or sets of emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness or even fatigue.
  • If you have unexpected aches & pains in your body, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety & PTSD.
  • If you know you should be happy with life and are guilt tripping yourself for not being grateful enough.
  • You just don't love yourself and you don't know why.
  • Or you just want a lift to take you to the next level of your life.

Some of our life transformation programs cost 4 figures, today you can get an entire hour for just £15

Get the Amazing Transformation You’ve Always Wanted for only £15

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