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Emotional Freedom Therapy… The Low Down!

Eft, (emotional freedom therapy, psychological acupressure, tapping, acupressure massage, meridian tapping), can be used by anyone, whatever age and gender, wherever they are in their life can benefit from using EFT.

Eft is an easy to use tool which can be applied to anything, anywhere and has instant, lasting effects.

Eft is a self help tool, an empowerment tool which helps you take control of their life without the lengthy and often draw out painful therapy sessions, or the need to for drugs.

Benefits of EFT.

Releasing the effects of abuse

Deals with addictions

Processes and dissolves anger

Overcome depression

Resolves the issues of eating disorders

Recovers from ME & chronic fatigue syndrome

Relief from OCD

Alleviate panic attacks

Free pain

Stop Self sabotage

End Procrastination

Effective for stopping smoking and drinking

Releases painful memories and effects of PTSD and trauma

Discovers the real reason behind weight loss issues

Overcome exam stress

Fearful issues and phobias

Great for insomnia

Childhood anxiety

Deals with grief and bereavement

Prenatal and postnatal depression

A fantastic tool for children to learn

What is EFT?

Eft works by releasing emotional blockages from within the energy system which are a source of discomfort and emotional intensity. When we experience blockages in our energy system, we are often unable to live life in a harmonious way free from beliefs and behaviours that do not benefit us. In short, we feel stuck.

“Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption within the body's energy system”

This is Eft founding discovery statement.

Eft stems from ancient Chinese acupuncture, only without the needles, and this form of energy medicine has been around for as far back as 300 bc.

Albert Einstein in the 1920s said “everything including the body is composed of energy”. These methods are alive in all native countries and are now being welcomed into western healing practices. Our bodies evolved with the knowing of how to heal itself, now the human process is opening itself to the forgotten truth that everything is energy, and the potential truths that it has to offer.

How does Eft work?

Eft works by clearing the disruptions and eliminating the emotional response or intensity, this calming the fight or flight response to the triggers of an issue and restoring emotional harmony which then leads to relief from the physical discomfort previously felt.

We work this magic simply by focusing on a particular issue that is causing us discomfort whilst tapping on a specific energy points called meridians (the doorways of the energy pathways or meridians). This sends kinetic energy along the meridians, dissolving both the blockage the emotional neuropathways, taking away the negative emotion and our learnt responses which were previously attached to it.

There have been case study upon case study of the powerful effects of EFT on even the worst case PTSD that have been eliminated and life rebalanced through the working of EFT.

It does not erase Your memory, it simply removes any emotional intensity, so if you think of that issue that was sending you crazy before, then after, you simply feel nothing.

Why choose this therapy?

- It is a positive and proactive experience

- Often works where nothing else will

- Usually rapid and long lasting from symptoms

- It is a tool, that once learnt can be self applied (more complex issues and cases may require more detailed attention and guidance from a practitioner)

- No drugs or equipment is needed

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani Howard is an intuitive healer and award winning therapist who specialises in Pre & Post Natal care and PTSD as well as childhood trauma & anxiety. Her desire is to help as many people as possible to feel better. Help her hit her 1 million!

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