Children & Energy Healing

Children are absolutely amazing, in fact, so are you.

Do you know that we were evolved with the ability for our bodies to heal itself, yet time and Western culture has served for us to lose this, but in the now changing times, many are turning to the old age and very alive holistic approaches of energy healing for optimal health and wellness.

Children are very susceptible to energy healing, even within the womb. Children are more open and willing to accept energy healing and respond much quicker and easier than most adults as they do not have the negative beliefs and emotional baggage that most of us adults are carrying around in our energetic blue print and energy body.

Having faced my own issues as a child and being a mum of four with 3 of my children having faced birth trauma and witnessing how this impacted their emotional well being and development, i know only first hand the implications of anxiety on children, and I am passionate about changing this so that children can be given the first rate chance of developing into happy, healthy and positive adults, equipped with the tools to face any issue that life may throw at them.

With our ever evolving western world, that are now turning more and more to the old age philosophies and practices of healing and enabling the body to be healthy and vibrant, there is a massive window of opportunity to help ourselves, and our children.

What if we were to give our children the right tools for balancing their emotions and energy so that they can realise their negative beliefs, traumas, experiences, patterns​ and emotions? Would they grow into confident, successful and happy adulthood's who love themselves and their life?

By giving children the tools to recognise these feelings and how to cope with them we are giving them a better chance at life, one that can be positive, happy and fun.

happy smiling children

Showing them how to deal with their emotions, keep their energy buzzing at an optimal level and set goals for the future, to be the best that they can be. Children who have anxious parents often pick up on this anxiety and becomes part of their life.

But, Do You Know?

Children pick up on your energy! Do you ever find that when you are not feeling your best inside that they are such hard work, and yet when you are feeling happy and positive, they are just great? This is not a coincidence!

We are energetically connected to our children, around the age of 9 or 10 these energy cords drop away, sometimes they do not. But they will always emotionally reflect what is happening in your inner world, no matter how you try to hide this.​

So many adults I have treated with anxiety refer to their parents having anxiety, once I had cleared this belief, it is always such a happy break through. this is your greatest gift to your child.But all is well, children are so susceptible to energy healing, even in the womb babies can react to energy work, my favourite is crystal work, it makes the baby come alive and move, or even lull them to sleep.

Children have an openness to energy healing, they are much more willing then most adults to. Accept what is as they are pure and not battled down by the negativity and beliefs that are stowed upon us into adulthood, they have no resistance and are therefore much freer to flow with the energy.

Great healing tools for children to learn include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Energy Medicine
  • EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
  • EAM - Energy Alignment Method
  • Breathwork
  • Reiki
  • Chakra balancing
  • Awareness of their emotions and why they feel the way they feel and why its not their fault

Energy healing therapy with children varies from child to child and sessions are adapted to suit the needs of the child. Having worked on babies that have just been born, providing reiki and crystal therapy, calming agitated babies through smoothing their auras to releasing the deepest of trauma and PTSD in young children and teens, or helping others who have self confidence and self esteem issues to exam stress, maternal break ups , eating disorders and bullying.

Long has it been the normality for children to be put on a waiting list for CAHMS (Children & Adolescents Mental Health Services). I have personally worked on the young adolescents psychiatric ward of the top psychiatric hospital in the UK- St Ann's Hospital. looking back now and knowing what I know about the body, the energy system and emotions I can see how these poor little people could be saved from a life of locked doors, smoking rooms and medication.

There are no limits to the love and healing that Every chance is able to give to children, some cases children only need 1 or 2 sessions to put them back on the path to happiness, because children do not have the built up layers that we have as adults, they are easier to repair. 

The quote: It's easier to help a child than repair a broken man or women- is evident and doable.

About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award winning therapist, healer, author and speaker. Jeani has on her own journey of healing overcome PTSD, clinical depression and agonising anxiety. A mother of 4 who suffered with birth trauma and pre and post natal depression, now prides herself on having worked with 1000's of adults, adolescents and women through pregnancy, labour and their transition into motherhood.

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