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The Complete Low Down On - Children & Anxiety

When you think about the development of a child into an adulthood, the amount of minute changes that they face both on a psychological and physical level, is it any wonder that our children are faced in this day and age with confidence issues and rising stress that leads to anxiety?

From the ages or 0-7 we form our blue print- our beliefs structure of who we are and how and where we fit into the world. This includes the beliefs, patterns, experiences and emotions that we gather and absorb from our care givers and influencing people around us.

Do you know one of the frequent things that I hear from clients?

“My mother/father had anxiety, so therefore I have it too!”

This is a belief and a pattern that they are running.

Oscar Wilde

Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.

With each of these beliefs, emotions and whatever experiences we go through, they become locked within our bodies, right from a cellular level to that of an energetic level, all from birth. I also refer to the ‘emotional box’ that each of us have- the one we stuff all of our emotions into and suppress, which then becomes over flowing and leads to anxiety, pain and discomfort in the body, depression, eating disorders, self hate and self harm.

Children then grow, with the ever evolving hormones, emotions and crazy growth that occurs with our bodies morphing into mini adults. These changes are truly stressful and without the proper nurturing, explaining and support to how to deal with all of these and the ideas of what is happening, many times these emotions are just locked in.

Do you remember the taunting and peer pressure that you had as a young adolescent with your body changing?

For young girls, this can be soul destroying, particularly if their home network is not supportive and they are facing outside negative influences that are making them feel worse, stripping them of their what should be flourishing confidence and self esteem.

To give them the support and encouragement that they need to deal with the experiences, patterns, trauma and peer pressure and bullying that they face, on top of the exam stress, pressure to achieve and the demands that they face daily.

Our western world is evolving so fast, and I personally love that there is more and more social media displays of children being taught meditation, mindfulness and yoga in schools to enable them to release and empty this emotional box and give them the tools to clear these emotional layers so that they can grow into adulthood being the successful, thriving, independent and happy people that they have been brought into the world to be.

Having had much trauma in my childhood lead me to have frequent suicide attempts and bulima as a young adolescent, with my only real out let being music and alcohol.

It’s time for the world to wake up and start recognising what is happening to our children and how they are coping with stress before it leads to anxiety and depression.

With the rise in media of how women should look and be, there is so much stigma for young girls to grow with, this makes me feel so sad, particularly knowing how the world has evolved around this since I was a young girl.

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About the Author Jeani Howard

Jeani is an award winning therapist, healer, author and speaker. Jeani has on her own journey of healing overcome PTSD, clinical depression and agonising anxiety. A mother of 4 who suffered with birth trauma and pre and post natal depression, now prides herself on having worked with 1000's of adults, adolescents and women through pregnancy, labour and their transition into motherhood.

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