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Childhood Anxiety- Recognising The Signs

Do you know the signs of Anxiety in your child?

There are many tail tail signs to look out for in your children that can show up as childhood anxiety. Awareness is key!

  • Refusing to go to school, often being ill when the school day arrives
  • Clinging, crying and/or tantrums, they wont be without you
  • ​Excessive shyness, avoiding social situations
  • ​Constant worrying
  • Avoiding situations or places because of fears
  • ​Avoiding situations or places because of fears
  • ​Complaints of frequent stomachaches or headaches
  • ​Experiencing sudden and frequent panic attacks
  • ​Frequent restless sleep or nightmares
  • ​Disruptive meal times
  • Angry outbursts
  • Sleep walking
  • Bed wetting

These are all symptomatic signs of childhood anxiety, this is common for children, with their ever changing world around them, constant changes in what's happening to them and around them, it's tough being so small; over 90,000 children and young adolescents are facing anxiety everyday in the UK alone. Some children are naturally more prone to worrying and have a greater difficulty in the challenges they face everyday and the changes that occur with 'growing up'.

Anxiety affects everyone on different levels, for some children it can go unnoticed, they are quiet and well behaved, but can have several mild symptoms, such as sleep or food issues, being shy and not wanting to socialise to fears and phobias. On the other hand we have children who have been 'labelled' disruptive, unruly, bad child or ADHD. Yet theses qualities in children are often overlooked and deemed "they will grow out of it", or they are simply medicated, yet, in simple terms - their emotional box is overflowing and blockages are occurring.

We all deal with our emotions differently, some people are not fazed, they just get on with life, emotions do not bother them, yet other people, like me and the majority of people I know live by their emotions, having to keep them in check to stop becoming congested and blocked, or simply pushing them down or lashing out as a way of "help, I cant cope".

Children who have this as part of their life, almost always become frustrated, confused, scared and easily overwhelmed, whilst waiting for their children to 'grow out of it', for the situation, behaviour and anxiety to only escalate. Both parents and caregivers play and essential role in guiding children and teens through the awareness and management of anxiety.

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