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Children & Energy Healing

Children are absolutely amazing, in fact, so are you. Do you know that we were evolved with the ability for our bodies to heal itself, yet time and Western culture has served for us to lose this, but in

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Childhood Anxiety- Recognising The Signs

Do you know the signs of Anxiety in your child?There are many tail tail signs to look out for in your children that can show up as childhood anxiety. Awareness is key! Refusing to go to school, often

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Youth Charity Campaign-Backed By Famous Stars!

Princes Trust Youth Program -CONFIDENCE is set to help 10,000 Young Adolescents in the UK!This program has been brought about after a the Princes Trust initially launched a study which resulted in the

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Parent – Child- Energy Connection- What?

Energy Ties From BirthRight from the start of conception till when we give birth, there are cords that connect us to our babies- the physical umbilical cord, and the energy cord, even when the umbilical

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The Problem With Parenting

No One Said It Would Be EasyWhat You Can Do Now To Ease Day To Day Meltdowns!!​You know, no one can blame you for feeling the way you do, the minny meltdown you have on occasion, wishing your name wasn't

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Children & Anxiety

The Complete Low Down On - Children & AnxietyWhen you think about the development of a child into an adulthood, the amount of minute changes that they face both on a psychological and physical level,

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