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Reclaim Your Power

Hey I'm Jeani Howard & welcome to Every Chance.
I'm sharing the secrets  to Realigning your energies in ALL of your cells so that the law of attraction can actually work for you...

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Do you want to improve your 


Do you want that little bit extra, to really live, be in flow, achieve everything that you can whilst you are on this earth, live to your potential and feel great whilst you're doing it?

Do you want to get back to 

Being Yourself?

Are you missing yourself?  Do you sometimes think back to how you used to be and wonder why you're not that way any more?  Maybe you feel like you just don't have the energy that you used to have.  Wherever you are, it's time to live again.

About Jeani

Jeani Howard is a 37-year-old Transformation Therapist, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Author & Co Author.

Finalist – Holistic Therapist Awards.

Author - Understanding Me, Myself & I – The science of emotions, and why you are who are and why you do what you do which you can buy here

Jeani had also faced mental health problems like clinical depression, PTSD, Pre-Natal depression, Post-Natal depression, and anxiety. This experience inspired her to help women who are suffering from depression.

What a relief! You are a breath of fresh air

I have suffered so badly with MS- this time of year the cold kills me! What a relief you have brought to my whole body- you are a breath of fresh air!


Wow- they are awesome- I feel great. They have helped me loads

Wow- they are awesome- I feel great. They have helped me loads- I feel so much clearer headed and focused


Energy Protection

The Genie Effect Auric Sprays and Pendants are designed to protect your energies from the constant bombardment we get in our daily lives today.  A little puff of our Auric spray lifts your mood, grounds and protects your energies whilst clearing your aura and your mind for crisper thinking, lifted energy and balance.  The pendants use unique technology to repel unwanted energies leaving you feeling calmer and more focused.